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Cash Depot International does not assume any responsibility for the content of external links found on our website. www.cashdepotint.com our domain including all subdomains are connected to other websites. Cash Depot International, S.R.L. is not responsible for the content of such external links, and only assumes responsibility for its design and content.

Use of website terms and conditions

CashDepot International, S.R.L., constituted and organized under the laws of the Dominican Republic, R.N.C. No. 1-31-10031-7, residing in the city of Santo Domingo, National District, Dominican Republic (hereinafter Cash Depot International, S.R.L.) hereby discloses its website, a web application with an interface at the “www” or worldwide web or “website” Internet, (hereinafter “site”), in which can be found, information, services, consulting, content and / or products of a financial nature offered by the company Cash Depot International, S.R.L..

These general terms and conditions are of a mandatory character and binding for the user of this site; anyone using the site shall be deemed a user. All users must refrain from using the site and / or services should they not accept these terms. All applications and / or use within the site shall be construed as an expressly accepting these terms and conditions:

THE USER is required to read, understand and accept all the conditions set out in the Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Notice and other documents directly or indirectly referring to the aforementioned, before registering as a user or performing any functions within the “SITE”. Therefore, once the site it used, you cannot claim ignorance of the obligations of its use.

Use and restrictions

The “Content and Services” will only be available to people who have the legal capacity to contract, those who do not have such ability are expressly excluded (specifically minors), and users which have been canceled permanently or partially by Cash Depot International, S.R.L., due to the use of credit. In the event you are requesting the “Contents and Services” by a legal entity, it must be done through his legal representative who will be the manager or president of the company, or the person designated by the management team of the company.

To request our “Products and Services”, the user must complete the form with accurate, clear, and true personal information, free from defects or in bad faith, assuming the commitment of monitoring and modifying and updating your personal data when necessary.

Cash Depot International, S.R.L. will not be responsible under any circumstances for the inaccuracy of personal customer data, reserving the right to require any additional documentation to verify that the data supplied by the client are accurate.”

By using the “Website”, the user fully and unreservedly and irrevocably adheres to the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy. The “Website”, will provide the user with access to and / or products, services and content (hereinafter “Products and Services”).

Cash Depot International, S.R.L., reserves the right to deny, restrict or condition the user at any time completely or in part access to the “Website”, may likewise modify the “Products and Services” of the “website “at any time and without notice.

Cash Depot International, S.R.L., does not at any time guarantee the availability and continuity of operation, functionality, usability and / or availability of the “Website” and / or “Products and Services” related to any specific activity.

Cash Depot International, S.R.L., is not responsible for any loss or damage, regardless of their scope or nature, resulting from the lack of continuity or operational availability of the “Website” and / or “Products and Services”.

Cash Depot International, S.R.L. does not guarantee that the service will run continuously and without error, that defects will be corrected immediately or that it is free of viruses or anything else that may make it destructive.

Intellectual property

Cash Depot International, S.R.L. is a registered trademark that is protected by Law No. 20-00 on Industrial Property both in the Dominican Republic and abroad under applicable law. The use, distribution, exhibition, exploitation, marketing or other use, whether partial or total, identically or that is confusing to a lesser or greater degree; or by any means, including but not limited to printed, magnetic, optical, electronic or computer, it is prohibited to any third party without prior authorization expressly and in writing by the owner of the copyright and / or corresponding trademark. Any violation of the foregoing or legislation applicable to industrial property or copyright will be considered and prosecuted as a criminal offense of direct commission.

Our Logos, designs, shapes, figurative marks, both Cash Depot International, S.R.L., and any static or interactive material in the “Website”, is duly registered with the competent authorities and are owned by Cash Depot International, S.R.L. Intellectual property rights corresponding to the “Products and Services” and all distinctive domains of the “Website”, as well the use and related exploitation thereof including but not limited to publication, reproduction, disclosure, processing and distribution are the exclusive property of Cash Depot International, S.R.L.. You acknowledge that under no circumstances will not acquire any rights granted or the intellectual property of Cash Depot International, S.R.L., by simply using the “Website” or its “Products and Services”; therefore, its use cannot be considered as a tacit or express authorization to use the “Products and Services” with differently than those for which it was contemplated. In the event the user fails to comply with this requirement will be held responsible to and must compensate Cash Depot International, S.R.L., for the damages caused by any unauthorized use.

Third part intellectual property

“The user acknowledges and agrees to comply with the terms of paragraph 2 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, for purposes of the ownership and rights of use, dissemination and exploitation of third parties with respect to the products and services offered on the pages linked to the “Web Page “.”

Permitted use

The use and exploitation of the “Products and Services” in the “Website” are the sole responsibility of the user, who in all case must use only according to the functionality allowed in the “Website” and uses and / or privileges expressly authorized by these Terms and Conditions of use and Privacy, the user agrees at all times to make use of them so as not to violate the rules of use and coexistence on the Internet, the laws of Dominican republic and the law of the country in which the user is to use, good manners, dignity and rights of others. The USER, by entering their personal data in the “Website” expressly authorizes legal entities that manage and / or administrative personnel to be derived from the data given, any number or key personal identification directly linked with the provision of products and services and verification of the identity of USER. The “Website” is for the personal use of the USER so it may not market in any way the “Products and Services” obtained directly or indirectly.


The USER does not have the right to place hyperlinks to other websites on the “Website” or the right to use the “Products and Services” of the “Website” directly or indirectly on their own site or third party websites without prior permission and in writing of the legal representative of Cash Depot International, S.R.L. at any time. Additionally, the user does not have the right to limit or prevent any other user from using the “Website”. The user is prohibited from selling, reassigning or transferring all or part of the Account under any circumstances.

The user is strictly forbidden from interfering directly or indirectly with transactions, databases, activities and / or contents of the “Site” or Cash Depot International, S.R.L. Failure to observe the above restrictions will be held responsible in accordance with applicable legislation and will be force to compensate for damages caused by their acts and omissions, without prejudice to any other action that may bring Cash Depot International, S.R.L.

Quality of services and web content

Cash Depot International, S.R.L., nor its suppliers or business partners are liable for any loss or damage suffered by the user due to inaccuracies, typographical errors, technical, and changes or improvements periodically made to the “Products and Services”. The recommendations and advice obtained through the “Website” are educational in nature, so should not be taken into account in making personal decisions. The user should consult a professional in any event to who can provide timely advice according to your specific needs.”


Cash Depot International, S.R.L., has the right to modify the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy and the “Website” at any time. Consequently, the user must carefully read the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy every time you intend to use the “Website” and discharge Cash Depot International, S.R.L. from any liability.


Breach of these terms and conditions as well regulations, provisions and related interfaces will result in the suspension of the profile of the user, without prejudice to the responsibilities and / or penalties described in the legislation. Consequently, non-compliance and failure of credit obligations by the user will be duly communicated to the credit bureaus and institutions that monitor this information from the Dominican Republic.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

For the interpretation, compliance and execution of this Agreement, the parties agree that the laws of the Dominican Republic shall apply for all matters not covered by it are referred to the common law, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may be applicable due to their present or future domiciles.