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Eugenio Duarte

Learn the new rules of money

In this program participants will learn the fundamental concepts and best practices for the effective management of their money. The training is designed and structured with essential knowledge. During the program we will study how money functions, moneys enemy, personal finance basics, and the habits of money management and the effects of emotions in financial decision making.

In addition, we will delve into money management without the use of a budget, the development of a conscious spending plan, money management in times of crisis, the hidden costs of debt and effective saving techniques."

What are the course objectives?

Provide participants with the essential tools to properly manage and invest their personal finances.


Open to the public

What will you learn?

By taking this course you will learn:

  • How money functions
  • The use of money
  • Moneys enemy
  • Basic financial concepts
  • The concept of wealth
  • Personal finance myths
  • Health habits for managing your money
  • The concept of financial freedom
  • How emotions affect the financial decision making process
  • Preventing irrational financial decisions
  • Managing your money without a budget
  • A cost conscious plan
  • Managing your money in times of crisis
  • The hidden cost of debt
  • The different types of debt
  • Reasons behind getting into debt
  • Effective savings techniques
  • Saving and investing
  • Investing in the stock market
  • Fixed income investments
  • Variable rate investments

In general, you will learn the fundamental concepts for effectively managing and investing your money.

Why you should participate

Financial success rests on three main variables: (a) how much money you earn; (B) how much you spend; (C) how you invest your savings. Most financial problems stem from an incorrect mindset adopted from an early age. Our training is focused on helping participant to establish the financial control mechanisms and strategies to manage your money effectively. In addition, we will study different investment vehicles according to your personal and financial goals.

If you want:

  • - Adopt the right mindset to earn more money
  • - More intelligently manage your money
  • - Avoid unnecessary debt
  • - Learn how to effectively pay your debts
  • - Make rewarding investment decisions
  • - Spend your money without feelings of guilt and without negatively affecting your finances
  • - Save and invest more money
  • - Create a financial plan that are aligned with your life goals

What is our methodology?

This course is completely online. Your instructor, assisted by video tutorials, will present the main topics and explain all concepts. Besides theory it performs practices. Upon completion and test your fingertips, you submit an assessment test and receive a certificate or diploma as a guarantee of their participation in the course.

Are there any requirements?

Open to the general public

Course characteristics

  • Lessons 61
  • Questionnaires 8
  • Level General public
  • Language Spanish
  • Students 0
  • Certificate No
  • Evaluations Yes