Need cash to pay for school, your light bill or minutes for your cell phone? CashDepot provides you with an irresistible array of benefits, products and services to help solve all your immediate cash needs.

Experiment with our calculator

We designed QuickCash to solve your short term cash needs for small amounts of money at the lowest cost. All you have to do to determine your pre-approved loan amount is enter your monthly salary into our calculator.

* This is an estimate of the monthly pre-approved amount.

Monthly Salary

Desired Amount

Requested Amount
Total Interest
RD$ 0.00
Return Amount
RD$ 0.00

SuperCash is a pre-approved personal loan, regardless of your credit. To do to determine your pre-approved loan amount is enter your monthly salary into our calculator.

* This is an estimate of the monthly pre-approved amount, assuming one year of continuous employment.

Monthly Salary

Desired Amount

Number of payments

Requested Amount
Total Interest
RD$ 0.00
Number of payments
Payment amount
Return Amount
RD$ 0.00

How it works?

  • Affiliation Step one

  • RequestStep two

  • Pay offStep three

In order to register and begin enjoying the benefits of using our products and services, the company you work for must be affiliated with CashDepot. The process is quick, simple and absolutely free.

Benefits of using CashDepot


Peace of mind

Having someone there to help in case of an emergency or unforeseen financial obligations


Safest way to get your money!

Easy Access

Simple to use and payback


Quick access to pre-approved credit

Personal Finance

Free online courses


We respect your privacy!

More options for your employees, a solution for your company.

Our systems and processes provides an integrated solution for managing your employee’s voluntary benefits at no cost to the company.

Cash Depot makes it possible for companies to offer their employees a safe way to acquire salary advances and personal loans. Through CashDepot your employees will be able to pay for services and purchases made within our network of vendors.

How it works?

  • Enrollment and registrationStep one

  • Registration and training Step two

  • Benefits administrationStep three

Cash Depot provides a solution for both the company and its employees. Through our (QuickCash) salary advances and (SuperCash) personal loan products, we help solve employee’s emergency cash needs by providing them with a self-service platform that enables them to request financial products at the most competitive rate in the market, in a quick and safe manner.

In order for your employees to enjoy our products and services, your company must be affiliated with CashDepot. This process is simple, fast and absolutely free.

Benefits of using CashDepot



Para gestionar, retener y remitir


Para los empleados en el proceso


Proceso de afiliación simple


Soluciona el problema de préstamos a empleados

Finanza personal

Capacitación gratuita de empleados


Aumento de la satisfacción

Step: 1



The Company you work for must be affiliated with CashDepot




Registering is fast and simple, you can do it online or by filling out an application.




The Company you work for confirms your employment information.

Step: 2



• Login to your account

• Request the loan product

• Specify the amount




• Direct deposit into your account

• In 2 hours

Step: 3


Pay off

Your employer withholds the outstanding payment and forwards it to CashDepot

You can repay your loan without any penalty in your bank

Step: 1


Enrollment and registration

Thanks to our platform the enrollment process is simple; your company may submit an affiliation request online. After receiving the request CashDepot will promptly provide a service proposal. Upon approval a Collaboration Contract is issued, where your company agrees to withhold the funds your employees have received and remit to CashDepot effectively serving as a facilitator.

This agreement sets out the conditions for affiliation, which establishes that the company is not liable for the products or services acquired by their employees with CashDepot.

Once the collaboration agreement is signed, your company is officially affiliated with CashDepot and may begin the registration process by providing your company data online through our website. Our management team is a call away, ready to provide support during the enrollment process.

Step: 2


Registration and training

Our online platform provides a centralized method for managing information, the dashboard displays relevant transactional information and notifies the assigned point of contact of any activity by its users. The point of contact may also report whether the information provided by the employees is correct, and if there are any changes in the status of the employee (terminations, medical license, and suspension) through the platform. This allows effective management of information and results in a productive working relationship.

Once the company is registered in our platform, the assigned point of contact may proceed to register.

The registration process is simple and only requires the following information:

  • Personal (Cédula, tel., address)
  • Employment (Date of hire, salary)
  • Banking (Account number, type of account)

We provide the assigned point of contact with the personalized training and support necessary to carry out the following primary functions and processes:

  • Employment information verification (virtual letter of employment)
  • Maintaining updated records in the platform (new hires/terminations)
  • Payroll deduction process (retain funds and transfer to CashDepot)

Estimated time of training is 1 HOUR.

Step: 3


Benefits administration:

CashDepot offers a wide range of employee benefit management solutions. We provide employees and HR staff the tools necessary to optimize the benefits management process. Your employees will enjoy our self-service options for requesting products or services as well as information, and your HR professionals will save you time and money.

Administrative Solutions:

  • A uniform method for the registration process
  • Our self-service platform to enjoy our products and services
  • Our customer service center is standing by to answer questions about benefits, discounts and billing
  • Managing supplier invoicing

Registration and data maintenance

Your employees may register through our online platform or by filling out an application. This information must be confirmed by the company and updated whenever changes occur to the status of the employees.

Registration and data maintenance solutions:

  • Employment information verification (virtual letter of employment)
  • Updating employee status and records in the platform (new hires/terminations)
  • The ability to suspend and deactivate employees in the platform

Education/Capacity Building

Cash Depot provides support to your company’s education and capacity building initiatives including those related to personal financial planning and technology through our network of vendors.

Education and capacity building solutions:

  • Online personal financial education courses (Free)
  • In classroom personal financial education courses (Financing available)
  • Online information technology , systems administration and software development certifications (Financing available)

Through our platform, we provide solutions that simplify and automate benefits communication processes, enrollment and administration. Our online platform is a self-service solution for that provides employees access online or by telephone to submit their requests.